It Seems Like Just Yesterday

In the midst of the Great Blog Dust-up of 2009, LG and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  Honestly, things were so tense around that time and I was so emotionally strung out (much of that I now know was hormonally induced) that I probably would have skipped town and headed to my sister’s for a few days if it were not for the fact that I didn’t want the memory of our anniversary to be ruined.  I’m so glad I stuck around, as the weekend reminded me of how incredibly lucky I am to have finally found this man.

Despite the fact that we were still working through what’s really been our first big showdown of our entire relationship (not just our marriage), we took a time out to celebrate and ended up having an amazing time.   We went for drinks at the fancy bar of a swanky hotel in our city and then went to a great restaurant we’d been saving for a special occasion.  We drank (a lot), laughed,  talked, and reminisced about how much fun we had at the wedding.  What didn’t we talk about?  Anything to do with blogs, babies, clinics, shots, or anything else of the high-tech baby-making ilk.  It was a much needed hiatus from all things infertility.  I realize that so many others who face infertility have struggled with it much longer than we have, but even so there are times I still feel robbed.  Robbed of that first carefree year of marriage where you face the world together confident that all your dreams will come true.  We’re still facing the world together, and still very hopeful that our dream of a family full of little guys will come true, but the confidence has worn a little thin.

To commemorate our special day, here’s a picture from the wedding.  I absolutely love this shot for the candid moment that it captured.  My hand in LG’s as we stood before our guests and thanked them for being part of our lives and our celebration on that day.



2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you had a awesome time! The photo is beautiful. So great you can hold hands through all of this.

  2. I’m glad that you’re back! I like the new title. I love that photo!

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