Leaving on a Jet Plane

First, title shout-out to John Denver! In the spirit of full disclosure, I must share that I am a John Denver aficionado. (Pause for those who are so inclined to snicker and comment upon my relative coolness. I’ll help you out there…I lack even a single cool gene.)  When I was growing up, I had a John Denver 2-record LP (I think it was An Evening with John Denver), that I played over and over until I wore out the grooves…and my parent’s nerves. The song Matthew gets me every time.  I’m also a giant fan of the Muppets and Colorado as these three things are all inextricably linked.

Anyway…so not the point, but thanks for indulging me. Here’s the real reason for this post. I need your advice, my Netty Friends. As part of my strategy for coping in the event of a BFN, I have convinced LG that should this cycle be a bust, we will (a) take a break for a few months…that being all my “Advancing Maternal Age” will allow, and (b) take a fabulous (and much needed) vacation. This doesn’t mean I’ve thrown in the towel on it by any means, but just that I need something to counterbalance…something to look forward to and plan for in the event things don’t go our way.

So, the question I have for you is…where shall we go? I’d love to hear any and all recommendations. Just for context, here’s a couple of things about our current vacation habits:

  • I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this given how much travel I do for work and because I wish I was more adventurous …but, I’m kind of a nervous traveler.  Mostly what I worry about is language barriers or needing medical attention  in a foreign country (which actually happened to me in Bucharest so not a totally unfounded fear).  That being said, I know I’m missing out on seeing the world and all its cultures and glories, and I want to get past my niggling worries.  So, if your amazing adventures have taken you to non-English speaking locales, what’s your advice for getting around?  What things should we definitely see and do?
  • LG and I are – at the heart of the matter – loungers (feel free to read that as lazy …me more so than LG).  With the exception of one great trip to Victoria, BC, all of our vacations have been to beach locales, where we do very little except take a beach walk in the morning and then follow that up with a day spent reclining on the beach and/or eating and drinking.   When people say they would get bored lying on a beach for more than a day or so,  I know not what they speak of.  If lounging were an Olympic event, I would the be the Michael Phelps (minus the b.ong) of the sport.   I love these types of vacations as they are completely rejuvenating, so I’d love to hear about your favorite spots.

I’ve got TripAdvisor at the ready and am ready to hear your ideas!

Oh, and in cycle news…went in for my first monitoring this morning.  I was pretty disappointed in the follicle count.  I’ll report more once I speak to the nurse.  I don’t want to get all worked up unnecessarily, which I’m often wont to do.



8 Responses

  1. Well, for active vacations, I recommend anywhere in Italy. Food is good, people are friendly (and love it if you even try to speak Italian), loads of history, and excellent weather.

    For a more relaxed vacation, my husband and I got married in Key West. There’s fun if you want it, or you can just take it easy and relax in the sunshine. And the food is good, people are friendly, and excellent weather (unless it’s hurricane season).

    The only other real vacation I’ve been on (not just visiting friends or for work) is to Ireland. The food is bad, the weather is iffy, but people are friendly and it’s awesome and very green. I recommend Ireland too, but it may not be the right choice for beach people.

  2. Got here from LFCA

    Absolutely must comment on your love of John Denver. I had the cassette tape of An Evening With John Denver, and played it until the tape snapped. I knew my partner was The One when she tracked down the 2-record LP, knowing that I missed my sad little cassette. And the Muppets/Colorado/John Denver connection… is it even possible that these three things can exist separately?

    As to your vacation question, what about doing an all-inclusive resort somewhere warm? I’ve heard they’re like cruises on land. Heaven. Or Almost Heaven.

  3. I can totally empathize with the need for a breather after much disappointment. The hubs and I (also of the lazy, beach vaca. ilk) have taken two baby making break cruises. I really don’t recommend the cruises so much, but we were “broke” and they served their purpose. If you do go a’cruisin’ stay away from Carnival. Again, they were cheap and served their purpose, but I wish we’d have chosen a more relaxation focused line.

    I do, however, recommend the Atlantis resort on Paradise Island http://www.atlantis.com/. There are all kinds of beaches for relaxing. But there’s also stuff to do (casino, water park, aquariums) if you feel like it, plus there’s all of the normal Carribean stuff to do. The rooms are nice, too. Anyway, if something happens and we can’t swing Hawaii for our 10th anniversary, we’ll be going back to Atlantis, we liked it that much.

  4. Hi

    I found your blog through LFCA. Welcome to blogging. My husband and I fell in love with Prince Edward Island a couple years ago. So beautiful. There are beaches, but probably a bit cold this time of year…

    Else I always find Key West very relaxing. Very laid back.

    Going to non-English speaking countries always makes me a little uncomfortable too. I don’t want to be an ugly American and expect everyone speak English to me, but I feel like an idiot trying to speak a language that I don’t know at all…

  5. New to your blog and to the blogosphere. Love your wedding picture! My hubby and I have been fortunate to vacation after all of our BFNs. Sometimes we just take a quick weekend getaway. Sometimes longer. Here are my recommendations for an assumed much needed, escape from reality, romantic vacay:
    1. Paris – I agree that the language barrier can be tough, but contrary to what many people have said, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Paris! Most romantic place I’ve ever visited.
    2. I agree with “a” about Italy. Not sure how much time you have, but Rome, Florence, and Venice are beautiful. I also heard the Amalfi Coast is amazing.
    3. New York City – can’t beat it, best city in the world!
    4. Las Vegas – we went here last February when I received a BFN on my 1st IVF cycle. The gambling, drinking, and shopping helped numb the pain.

    I sincerely hope that you don’t have to take this vacation. 🙂

  6. popped over from cycle sista to wish you luck! first of all, you have to share the follie count!! it is typical for them not to see that many in the beginning. i had just a few antral follies per side but 15 eggs retrieved. hope that helps!

    i’ve got a vacation idea for you that feels a bit exotic, has awesome beaches, and is very easy to get around: since Belize was a brittish colony until just recently, English is the national language and the US dollar is accepted everywhere. there are beautiful beach resorts down south (placencia) or on the northern islands, but you do NOT want to stay in belize city. it’s very easy and friendly but still feels like another world. let us know where you go!!

  7. er, of course i hope you’re not going anywhere!! also my fav JD song was Calypso for all my childhood.

  8. Also here from LCFA to through in my vacation ideas. 🙂
    I do recommend a cruise, although I agree that Carnival is not the way to go if you want relaxing! We did a Mediterranean cruise on Celebrity in 2007, and it was fantastic. The food was great, the service was superb, and if you’re worried about language barriers, you can book your excursions from the ship! We did take time before for Rome and Florence – LOVED Florence! And we did 10 days of “backpacking” afterwards, which I only recommend if you’re with adventurous friends. 🙂

    Like everyone else – I’m hoping you don’t need the vacation, but will be planning a future “family” vacation!

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