Another Milestone

So, my last post garnered me my first Comment Hater along with another milestone – the first time anyone condemningly said “why don’t you just adopt.”  (BTW, according to spellcheck, condeminingly isn’t a word…whatever – it should be.) While it was jolting at first, it did make me realize that compared to so many people dealing with infertility, I’ve been lucky in that regard.  Quite a few people are aware of our struggles, yet I’ve encountered very little insensitivity along the way.   The funny thing is is that I can’t tell if Miss El.phie is more offended by our desire to have a child or my dislike of the musical Wicked.  I suspect it’s the latter.

In update news, nothing much to report.  Things are progressing albeit slowly.  I keep having to remind myself that the whole point of the protocol this time is to produce fewer (and hopefully) better eggs.  Well, the fewer part is certainly working.  We’re currently at 9 follicles measuring over 10 mm with the bully of the group at 19mm.  Our meds haven’t changed and we go back on Monday for another whirl.  The cycle week for our clinic officially starts on Wednesday, but I’m guessing based on my pace that we’ll be looking at an ER on Thursday possibly Friday.


One Response

  1. I am not offended by either your dislike of Wicked or your desire to have a child. I merely was commenting ont he fact that you seem overly obsessed with fertility and it is something I don’t get. So, that is me. Everyone can do what they like. I just don’t understand the obsession to procreate; I would like someone to explain it. No one ever has. I work with people who want to adopt children and I see the other side too; the kids who need families; and I don’t know why people don’t choose the adoption option rather than put their bodies through all of that stuff, some of which is not natural. No offense meant, believe it or not. Oh, and what don’t you like about Wicked? Just curious.

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