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mels-show-and-tell1 Welcome to Show and Tell here at May the Road Rise!  To see what others are showing, click here.

Today’s Show and Tell comes from an amazing vacation that LG and I took last June.  As I’ve mentioned, we’re typically beach people, but in this case I had a work conference in Vancouver, so we decided to take advantage and have LG fly out afterward so we could spend a few days in Victoria, BC.  This trip was a couple months after our first visit to the RE but before we decided on a treatment plan apart from compulsive BBT charting, grapefruit juice, and propped-up hips.  Even then though, I must have had an instinctual sense of what was coming, which caused me to take this picture.

This was taken at the tide pools at Juan de Fuca Strait.  It was really a sight to vancouver-escape-trail1 see – the tide pools were
filled with beautiful sea anemones and other ocean
life and the exposed ocean floor made for a great playground to run around and climb on the rocks.  The tide can come in quickly, though, so scattered throughout the area are these escape routes.  Even then, I recognized something powerful and symbolic in that sign.

I’m really feeling the need for an escape trail right about now.  I’ve come to feel consumed and therefore trapped by infertility as of late – particularly since this current cycle seems to be taking such an emotional and physical toll on me (and by extension, LG, since I’m such a treat to live with).   It’s clear to us that we did too much too fast.   But, on the positive side, a change in direction is near one way or another.  In a matter of a few weeks, we’ll either get the most amazing news possible … a BFP or a few months respite just to escape from this for a little while and just be.


8 Responses

  1. That escape trail is a great analagy. If only we could have one handy huh?

    I spent a day in glorious Victoria BC, but never knew about that area and the tides. Something I’ll have to check out next time I get the opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hey! You were in my backyard! I used to live in Victoria. The parks along the Strait of Juan de Fuca are stunning! 🙂

    I am constantly amazed at the ability of our surrounding natural environment to echo our thoughts and feelings. It can give us exactly what we need.

    We all need our escape routes, in whatever form they take. I hope that either way, the change in direction is a positive one for you. But of course, my fingers are crossed for a bfp!

  3. Oh WOW! Great post

  4. Oh WOW! Great post

  5. Its amazing that we subconsciously recognize our need for before we even admit it to ourselves. Very cool sign.

  6. I am so glad that you were able to start a new blog. Keeping all these emotions inside is just too painful. Fingers crossed for you this cycle.

  7. Very nice post.

    Re: your rogue commenter on previous posts…why would someone leave comments like that on an IF blog? Why not just read and learn what others’ experiences are like? Anyway, I know you don’t have the answers. 🙂

  8. Wow, I never saw anything like that when I went to Victoria, just city, gardens, and water.

    So weird that you got a negative commenter so soon after starting a blog. I have been blogging for half a year and have never gotten anything like that. I wonder if you come up when people do musical theater searches? I’ve only ever had one person not from the adoption/loss/infertility community comment on my blog, who found me totally randomly, and that person turned out to have been a older adult living childfree after infertility decades earlier.

    Hope the comments are all uphill from here.

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