Keep on Stimmin’

Between work and this cycle, I’m fried, so today’s post will take the form of random bullet points.

  • Follicle growth is slow but apparently steady.   After 8 days of stims, I have 7 follicles measuring over 12mm.  E2 is 1561, so definitely getting there.
  • The follicle count is somehow down from a couple of days ago when they said they measured 9 (WTF?), but after a minor breakdown, a fight with my husband, and a panicked call to our nurse at the clinic, we have been assured that we are on course.  I’m to continue with the same routine (0.5 Lupron, 1 Powder Menopur, 225 Gonal-F) and then back in the saddle tomorrow to check progression.
  • I keep having to remind myself that the whole point of changing the meds was to get fewer but better eggs.   My last cycle (23 retrieved) skewed my expectations about what’s a good haul, but then again, as my husband reminded me this morning, that trip to the fair was …. not at all successful.
  • At this rate, ER will be Friday at the earliest.  I am ready to move this show along!
  • Work blows right now.  Note to my future self – planning an IVF cycle set to go live the exact week that all compensation and bonus recommendations are due is a very very bad idea.  My company is one of the few doing merit increases which is great for us as a company but hell on the HR person (me) from an administrative standpoint.
  • On the huge plus side, my boss can be very tough (every time she call I somehow think I’m getting fired), but at the same time incredibly understanding about what I’m going through and its relative priority compared to work.  She is a survivor of 2 bouts of Stage IV cancer, and is a big believer in knowing where your priorities lie.  For that I am extremely grateful as I know that having that kind of support in the workplace is far too rare – especially in today’s environment.
  • Huge thanks to  everyone stopping by from cyclesista and elsewhere to read my ramblings and to offer your support…I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

Sorry for the disjointed nature of this post.  Just don’t have a narrative in me today.  I’m sending all my best wishes to my fellow cyclers!



5 Responses

  1. Hey there…stumbled upon your post. We seem to be in the same stage of the IVF cycle and juggling the monitoring with work.
    Best of luck!

  2. Hi there — just wanted to wish you luck this cycle! Keep us posted…

  3. Fingers crossed for a great retrieval!

  4. I think that sounds like you are doing great! I am guilty of wanting more follicles, but, keep reminding yourself that we are after quality – not quantity.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi Callie, I stumbled on your blog through cyclesista. Good luck for the retrieval today! I’m a week behind you with stims (I’m on day 6), but using pretty much the same protocol: 0.5 lupron, 225 iu Gonal-F. Also doing IVF/ICSI. I’m thinking of you.

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