Tommorrow is my beta.   In a previous post, I talked about the fact that I intended to pre-test in order to prepare; however, that is not to be for two very good reasons:

  1. I have no more HPT’s
  2. It is really really cold outside, and I don’t want to go out of my warm house and walk the few blocks it would to take me to go buy a box.

So, we’ll hear the news with no lead time tomorrow.  I’m in a conference call all afternoon which is when the clinic usually calls.  I know I’ll be completely unable to concentrate once I see the number come up the screen, so I don’t want them calling me.  At my husband’s job, the clinic would have to go through a receptionist who won’t put a call through until you give up the goods on why you’re calling, so that won’t work either.  So, we’ve decided to just leave our home voicemail number and tell them to leave a message, and we’ll both listen to it together when we get home from work.

I’m really scared.  I just feel so strongly that it didn’t work, so technically I should be ready for the worst, but hearing the official end to this cycle just seems more than I can take.


8 Responses

  1. I’ve got my fingers (and toes and everything else) crossed for you, Callie!!!!

  2. I’m keeping the faith for you Callie. And crossing it all – you name it – fingers, toes, legs. I’m even trying that weird fold your tongue in half thing. That’s sort of crossing isn’t it?

  3. my fingers are crossed for GOOD news for you tomorrow.

  4. I have everything crossed as well!

  5. I hope you get the news you want and not the news you think you are going to hear! Thinking about you and hubby today!

  6. 🙂 thinking lots about you today!

  7. Just thinking of you and hoping your beta came back al kinds of good!!!

  8. I am a couple days away from my beta, but I’m feeling that fear very, very clearly. Best of luck to you tomorrow.

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