Umbrella Drinks

It’s been quiet around Chez Road Rise the past week or so, because I’ve been absolutely slammed at work.  Between traveling, trying to churn out 900 million individual bonus letters (OK, only 400, but still….), and really strange employee relations issues, I’ve been quite the lunatic.  (I’m sure all around me are silently giving thanks that I’m not doing this hopped up on Lupron, because holy cow – people would get hurt.)

Right now, I’m just enjoying the interlude between IVF’s.  We’re still giving the old fashioned way a whirl over the next few months (because, why not?), but it’s a nice change of pace not to be so immersed in the whole thing.  Things will start up again soon enough as IVF #3 is planned for June, but in the meantime, we’re just enjoying our time together free of shots, hormonally induced mood swings, and the constant ups and downs that go with the whole high-tech baby making routine.

Speaking of enjoying ourselves, the trip is officially on!  Not Italy as we had originally planned, however.  That got really complicated as it turns out the only week we can go due to work conflicts (LG) and jury duty (me) is the week after this upcoming one.  Trying to pull off a trip like that with so little time to plan and get organized was becoming stressful…entirely the opposite of its intended purpose.  So….

We’re headed to a really nice all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  The hotel is part of a family of resorts.  We’ve stayed at another property of theirs in Riviera Maya and really enjoyed it, so we’re hoping this experience is just as fun.

Technically, while we’re there I’m in a natural 2WW, so no drinking, etc.  Screw that!  If it’s meant to happen naturally after months and months of trying on our own followed by two disappointing IVF’s, then an umbrella drink (or ten) shouldn’t really be a problem.  Who knows – it might even be therapeutic!


3 Responses

  1. that sounds like an awesome vacation. i’m still looking for somewhere to go to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. you’ll have to let me know how it is!!

  2. Hey, I figure if tons and tons of “oops!” pregnancies work out with umbrella drinks and whatnot, you should go for it! We all need therapy!

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