The Countdown

Just checking in to say I’m still around.  Things have been quiet as I’m mostly concerned with (1) hating my job…see previous post, (2) counting the days until we head to the beach (3 more including today), and (3) taking a hiatus from cycling.  I’ve found that taking the break has slowed my posting pace but I’m still following the blogs of my fellow travelers – just commenting a little less than usual.  I deliberately skipped ICLW this month (my first time doing so since I started the blog) because I figured I’d be laying low.

I promise I’m going to get off this job thing post-haste, because I do realize that I’m lucky to have a job…and it’s boring to anyone who’s not me, but may I please offer the:

Top Three Reasons I Need a New Job (and Career Path)

1.  Over the past 2 months, I have been directly involved in or have overseen the firing or layoffs of nearly 180 people.  The ones related to business restructuring are heart-breaking and soul-draining, and even those that are performance related are terribly difficult as well.  I know far too well the economic climate people are facing and the impact this has on people’s lives.  I never ever take that lightly, and I lose a great deal of sleep over these notifications.

2. Because of said economic climate (see point 1), I have been informed that I can no longer replace the open position I have on my team.  Why is that position open, you ask?  Because the person in it opted not to come back from maternity leave.  Ah, sweet irony – what a wicked sense of humor you have.

3.  This past week I had to meet with a bunch of woman in the office who are acting like pre-teen girls to tell them to knock off the bullying  that’s been going on of late.  (In the HR parlance, facilitate a team-building session.  Give me a break.)  Seriously, if I have to scold people for child-like behavior, couldn’t it at least be my own children?

Is it wrong that I am looking forward to my next cycle as an excuse to take a leave and get a break from this for a little while?  Small detail – I still haven’t shared my little LOA plan with my boss, but since I’m pretty sure Dr. Yacht will certify the leave, I’m not worried as it should qualify under both FMLA and the expanded Americans with Disabilities Act.  (BTW: If anyone in the US ever wants more information about how these federal laws apply to infertility – especially the ADA, please e-mail me, and I’ll be happy to offer some advice.  I’m not an attorney and all cases are different (disclaimer – check), but I can listen to your situation and try to point you in the right direction.

4 Days to white sandy beaches and a drink containing some ratio of banana to rum!


7 Responses

  1. I also work in HR, doing what I term “the fun stuff” (basically running european projects) and I have no idea how our operational HR team are keeping it together at the moment, we’ve been relatively lucky compared to some companies but watching people leave the office in tears is just terrible. I don’t envy you at all.

  2. Hey Callie, I would be interested in some info on how the ADA applies to infertility. Especially for a small company (11 employees). I’ve heard at that size FMLA doesn’t really apply, but if ADA does, I’d love to hear how. Thanks, Minta (

  3. Hi Minta –

    Unfortunately the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA) only applies to companies with 15 or more employees. For FMLA, it’s 50 employees (or any state or federal agency regardless of size), and in order to be eligible employees must have worked at least 1,250 hours within the past 12 months. So, the ADAAA does a better job than FMLA in reaching small businesses, but unfortunately doesn’t provide full protection.

  4. i hope you have a good time at the beach and are able to regroup a bit 🙂 sounds like you have a lot on your plate!


  5. Thanks for stopping by the blog — hope that the beach trip clears your head and helps you sort through what you need to sort through. ICLW

  6. Thank you for your supportive comments. I think he found the blog. Things have been escalating. I am safe. I will let you know when I have a chance to set up a new blog.

  7. in the wo.rld has a new blog at Explanations and updates will be forthcoming.

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