Green Light!

Walking ManWoohoo!  IVF #3 is a go!  I start shooting up on Saturday.    When AF was a no-show after stopping the birth control pills on Sunday, I was really afraid that this cycle was going to be canceled either because the lining would be too thick or because the E2 levels would be out of whack.  The way my clinic works is that everyone is forced to the same ER/ET week, so if conditions aren’t right at the exact beginning of the cycle, you’re bumped until at least the next month.  That would have been a killer because (1) I’m mentally very ready to get this show on the road, and (2) that would mean NO LEAVE!  Truth be told that might have been the bigger kick in the gut.  I really need this time away as a sanity break.

The first hopeful sign came when we arrived at the clinic yesterday for the baseline wanding/blood-letting.  My clinic shares a facility with another IVF clinic, so when one or the other gets backed up, they sometimes will help out by doing ultrasounds.  Such was the case when I arrived, so I got an ultrasound tech from the other clinic.  I’ve had her before.  She is without question the Grand Marshall of the Crazy Parade, but at the same time inspiring, and you can’t help but smile when you’re around her.  As I’m settling myself into the Recliner de Exposure, she asks me if this is my first IVF.  No, I tell her with a weary sigh, it’s my third.  At this she steps back and turns to the corner of the room, raises her hands and offers what can only be described as a prayer – to whom or what I’m not sure.  It is then that I see she has created an eclectic version of a fertility altar including various representations from the world’s religions, new age talismans, and – of course – a pair of fuzzy dice for the “Vegas element”.  AWESOME!  And, it’s weird to say, but I did feel some sort of blessing  settle on me.  Not a bad way to start.  I’m definitely ready to roll the dice!


12 Responses

  1. Good Luck Good Luck Good Luck

  2. Callie – that was hysterical! congrats on getting the green light to start! i know it’s cliche.. but i hope the third time is the charm for you!! crossing my fingers!

  3. WOO HOO!!!!! Major congrats, Callie. I’m so hoping that this is it for you and LG.

  4. The tech sounds absolutely awesome, I wish I had someone like her!

    Best of luck for this cycle, I’m going to be sending loads of postivie lucky thoughts – I hope you catch this BFP-flu that seems to be going around.

  5. Yay! Yay! Yay! Good luck! Good vibes and energy going out to you!

  6. Hey — whatever works! I am so excited for you as you get started — hoping all that positive energy results in a BFP for you in just a few short weeks!

  7. so excited that you get to start. 🙂 sending lots of positive vibes your way as well!! xx

  8. *slaps head* I didn’t put you in my reader and couldn’t find you! I looked and looked and was wondering why you had updated and why I hadn’t seen it. Then I realized it was because I hadn’t put you in there! You’re all safe and sound tucked away now, though!
    I’m SO glad you got the green light! I love that the ultrasound tech had an alter! That’s great, ESPECIALLY with the fuzzy dice!
    Crossing, hoping and wishing this is The One for ya!

  9. congrats on getting started and good luck.

  10. That is great that you can start!! The u/s tech sounds like quite the character… love that she has an altar, lol.

  11. Good Luck Callie! I really hope those dice roll in your favour this time,

  12. Wishing you wonderful luck for your cycle!

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