Moving Closer

We’ve made it to the next milestone!  Retrieval is set for Friday morning.  I am more than ready as I’ve run out of real estate on my stomach for any more shots.  Apparently practice does not make perfect as my growing stomach pooch looks like some sort of avant garde finger painting consisting of blue, purple, and yellow dots…and I haven’t even started the Lovenox yet.

I’m not sure where I’m going to end up in terms of eggs since I’ve gotten conflicting reports from the u/s techs, but should be somewhere between 11 and 21.   I keep trying to remind myself that the goal is not numbers (which we’ve gotten in the past) but rather quality (which we have not).  Hopefully, the acupuncture and fertility enhancing massages that I’ve been doing will help with the quality and subsequent fertilization and development.  We’ve already decided along with Dr. Yacht that we’re doing a 5-day regardless of the number of embryos, so getting high quality embryos that can make it to blastocyst stage is a paramount.  (It’s worth noting that we’ve never actually gotten to that stage, so I’m more than a little terrified about taking this risk, but given the past 2 failures, these seems to be our best bet.)

Now that the update is out of the way, can I just say that I am LOVING my life of leisure.  I have not thought about work at all, and I feel like a different person.  LG (and others) have commented on how much happier I look and seem, and it’s absolutely true.  Of course, June is flying by so I’ll be back to work soon enough, but for now, I’m really trying to enjoy every minute of it.  I never lose sight of how blessed I am to have this time to concentrate on this cycle.  The unexpected thing is that I actually feel less consumed with all things baby making than I did when I was working full time.  Today, I finally took a cooking class (actually a knife skills class) that I’ve been talking about doing forever, and it was so much fun…despite the fact that I had to be the idiot in the class that actually dropped the knife.  Happy to report that all toes are intact although my visa took a little bruising in the cookware store attached to the school.  Other than that, just taking things easy.  Lots of acupuncture (which I’m really enjoying), some shopping, some gibbon-watching at the zoo (although not as much as I would like as it’s been unseasonably cold and rainy around these parts), and general lounging.  Life is good.


7 Responses

  1. Good luck with your retrieval!!!! You sound like the time off is treating you very well I am so glad. And of course so jealous! I might have to give that a try this next time.

    Hey what kind of massages do you do – anything special? Just curious.

  2. Good luck with the retrieval. And so glad that the time off is doing the trick. Hopefully work will not be nearly as bad when you have to go back (a looooong time from now) :).

  3. YAY!!! Good luck, hon! Sending you many thoughts and lots of hugs! Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I hope the weather improves and you can get to the zoo.

  4. Best of luck with retrieval, I hope you have some beautiful blasts to transfer next week.

  5. good luck tomorrow!

  6. I really hope that the time off has helped your body save up the energy to make some super high quality eggs!

  7. Just checking in after being on vacation – haven’t read ahead but I hope everything went well for the retrieval.

    I recently attended a knife working workshop (at Sur La Ta.ble) and it was awesome. I learned quite a bit and also dropped the knife. 🙂

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