Phone Calls

I’m struck by how much and how quickly an IVF cycle can turn on a single phone call.

The call after the baseline telling you you’re canceled because of a persistant cyst or that you’re cleared to start your stims.

The phone call after each wanding/blood-letting telling you to continue on or that the cycle is canceled due to low response or some other heartbreaker.

The phone call telling you what time to take the trigger shot and the feeling that you’ve passed a major hurdle.

The phone call telling you your fertilization rate –  a call that can either plunge you into despair or keep your hope alive for another day.

The phone call with your transfer time – will it be a Day 3 or a Day 5?

The ultimate phone call – the one for me that has always started with the word “unfortunately…” blunting my ability to hear anything beyond that.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with my sister when the other line rang through.  I quickly checked the caller ID and saw that it was my clinic – and being unable to operate call waiting promptly hung up on her.  (She was very understanding when I phoned her back.)  LG was in the other room but could tell from the catch in my voice when I answered who it was and rushed out to be next to me.  For me, every one of those call has a moment  – one might even call it a pregnant pause – between the barely controlled “hello” and whatever follows next.  In that moment are hopes and dreams ready to be carried along another day or dashed. 

This time the news was good.  No, it was great.  As of today, we have 8 embryos.  Double what we have had at this time for either of the other cycles.  We are scheduled for a Day 5 transfer on Wednesday.  There are still many phone calls to go…but for today, our hope has survived the ringing of the phone.


10 Responses

  1. oh yay!! so glad to hear that the call was a good one. i agree every call does have that moment, when you are suspended, not knowing whether you will be smiling after the call or crying.

  2. That’s GREAT news! I’m so happy for you! Hold on to that hope as long as you can, hon! Sending you many hugs and good JUJU!

  3. wow! Yay! so happy! Good luck for all the next steps and phone calls!

  4. FANTASTIC!!!! I cried at work when I recieved that particular phone call, with a good fert report. Yay for one more hurdle!!

  5. What a wonderful phone call!

    I have you in my thoughts and I can’t wait to hear the update.

  6. Callie, that’s great news! Only two days left, and I hope the phone calls between now and then are just as good!

  7. Awesome news! I’m hoping all 8 make it to day 5!

  8. When I read that word “unfortunately”, my heart literally started pounding. I’m so glad to hear that’s NOT what happened! That’s excellent news!!

  9. I am hoping your ET on wednesday went well! Good luck with the 2ww. I am praying that you see a BFP soon! {HUGS}

  10. just catching up. this is awesome news!!! i’m so happy. i’m really hopeful for this cycle 🙂

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