Knife Skills

It’s been a busy week or so.  To catch up, I will rely on the timhurt fingere-honored tradition of bullet points.

  • Apparently, I was not the summa cum laude graduate of my knife skills class that I hoped to be.  While smugly applying my new onion cutting skills, I managed to slice the tip of my finger.   It’s actually a pretty minor cut, but because of the Lovenox I’m taking, it was quite the bleeder, hence the amputation-like wrap (and greatly reduced blogging).  I am happy to report that healing is finally underway.
  • I’m now 9 days post transfer and just made my 2nd trip back to the clinic for hyperstimulation.  I actually felt great after the retrieval and transfer – this just reared up on Monday.  On Tuesday, they felt like I could manage it through copious amounts of Gatorade (which, by the way I hate), but now they’ve decided to drain it.  They couldn’t do it this morning, because I’d eaten right before going into the clinic, so now we have to drive out to the suburban clinic (over an a hour away) for a 6:30 am appointment for yet another needle up my hoo-ha.  Truth be told, I’m kind of looking forward to the relief I hope it will bring.  I literally look about 3 months pregnant, which accounts for the 2 people who have asked me in the last couple of days if I am in fact pregnant.  One was a guy I’ll give a break too because I look huge and I was rubbing my stomach in the pregnant-lady way because it hurt.  The second was a cab driver.  It’s about a million degrees where I live (it went from rainy and cold to heat warnings in about a 2 day span), yet the cab drivers are loath to turn on the air conditioning due to the high high gas prices in the city.  When I asked him to turn on the air, he said, “well, for a pregnant lady, I’ll turn it on.”  To which I said…thank you.  Whatever – might as well get some benefit. 
  • My beta is scheduled for Monday.  Dr. Yacht and the ultrasound tech both said that hyperstimulation at this stage could be a good sign, so we’re hopeful.

Other than that, nothing much to report as I’ve pretty much been couch bound due to the discomfort of my giant rock-hard abdomen and inability to wear anything in the way of acceptable-for-going-outside clothes.


7 Responses

  1. Ouch- for both the hyperstim and the finger! Hurray that the hyper-osity might be a good sign. I’m pulling for you!

  2. Sorry about your finger and the hyperstim situation! But do hope the hyperstim is a good sign… hope you feel better soon and wishing you a positive beta Monday!!!!

  3. EEK! Your poor finger and tummy. Good luck, hon! I’m pulling for ya!

  4. owie! so sorry! But also hoping that it’s a good sign…still rooting for you with lots of internet affection 🙂

  5. oh I’m sorry you have OHSS (but if it’s a good sign I’m glad) and owies for the finger! Best of luck for monday 🙂

  6. omg! b just had a finger injury, too, that required an ER visit and he is still not recovered. hand/finger injuries suck b/c you never realize how much you use your finger until you cant use it for some reason.

    sorry you’re so uncomfortable right now. i’m very hopeful for great results 🙂


  7. I just logged in and saw this!!! I’m so sending happy beta vibes your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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