Words You Love to Hear…

…from your 8-day old baby’s cardiovascular  surgeon:  everything went perfectly.

The doctors were able to do a complete fix of the transposition.  He is in the ICU recovering and so far doing well.  He’s still intubated and covered in a myriad of other tubes and monitor stickers (LG and I tried to count the lines going into him, but lost count), but he’s holding his own.  We’re so grateful to the doctors and most of all the amazing nurses at Children’s.  He’s still considered critical for the next 24 hours or so, but we’re definitely seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and can’t wait to take our healthy little boy home.


14 Responses

  1. Callie, that is AWESOME news. I so can’t wait for you, LG and the walnug to be home together at last.

  2. oh Callie, that’s fantastic. Sending loads of healing thoughts the way of your little one

  3. Great news! I’m so happy for you! Sending you LOTS of love, hon!

  4. Oh thank goodness!

    I hope you’re taking little boy home soon, too.

    You’re all still in our prayers.

  5. Fantastic news! Thinking of you…

  6. Hooray! That is great news. Hope he recovers quickly and can go home soon!

  7. Yay! So thrilled for all of you. Still keeping you close.

  8. Great news! Hope the recovery is the hospital is smooth and swift.

  9. I am happy to hear it – sending you all so many positive thoughts

  10. so happy to hear this! i really hope the rest of it can be smooth sailing!!


  11. Am absolutely thrilled to hear this! I have chills. May everything get better and better from here.

  12. Callie – I’ve just seen these updates now. I am thrilled to hear the surgery went well and am hoping the days following have been even better. You’re in my thoughts.

  13. I guess I never commented on this, but I was so happy to hear it. Interested in antoehr update. you are in my thoughts.. I hope you are seeing continued improvement and growth. Post when you are ready.

  14. Hi Callie,
    The sunglasses we bought for Charlotte are the “cool shadz” from Coolibar.com. We got her a sun romper and infant swim hat, too, so she’s covered from head to toe… literally.

    How’s your little boy doing? You haven’t updated in a while, but if you’re looking for sunglasses for him, then may I assume he’s doing well?

    I hope everyone in your household is having a healthy and happy summer. Be well!

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